World's First Hyper-Local Video Creation Platform has arrived

Marketers & Business owners can now create quality Indian video content that is rarely available on western video platforms.

Achieve visual consistency & make your brand familiar

With easy to use video editor that lets you match videos to your brand logo colors and font style.

Stay on the top of your customer’s mind by

Dragging & Dropping Indian Models, animated characters & motion backgrounds that are authentic & aesthetic.

Increase the reach of your campaigns

Quickly resize the video content to publish on multiple social media platforms.

Choose Professional Fit Indian Models to elevate your Brand

Freeze your audience's attention on your products with highly captivating models around it.

You can drag & drop the models that suit your customer personas.

  • 10+Years of Domain Expertise
  • 6K+Video Templates
  • 10K+Subscribers
  • Ram Manyam MD - Manyam Enterprises

    The Social Video Platform helped us to promote our noise cancellation headphones and get an amazing response. I would highly recommend for companies who want to engage their customers continously.

  • Sai Chandra CEO & MD - Ingenious Advertising

    Ingenious Advertising provides the best digital marketing, branding, and outdoor advertising services. Video Platform helped us to create Indianised Video Content which is highly relevant to our target customers. We could generate quality leads using these video templates.

  • Snehal Kondaveeti MD - Spacejump Media

    Space jump is a top-of-the-line creative digital company, dedicated to delivering enriching digital experiences. We do use some western video tools to quickly create videos. But It is again a continuous hunt when it comes to campaign for Indian businesses as there is a huge scarcity on Indian Video Content. Businessads video content repository helped us to get out of that situation and let us do more aggressive campaigns for Indian clients.

  • Dhrishty Jain Founder - Kalp Skin & Hair Clinic

    Kalp - is a leading Service Provider of Skin & Hair Care Treatment For Flawless Skin & Hair Regrowth. We do have a good in-house digital marketing team, but it was always a pain for me to invest in skill to create quality social video content. video platform helped to be quick and effective while promoting our products. Kudos to their Indian Model collection that created a huge difference to our skin care promotions.

  • Kiran Zende Founder - Yadyna

    I am a storyteller by heart, marketeer by profession, and proud founder of Yadnya Brandscapes. video platform had a positive impact on our social media marketing. Though we have a potential in-house team to create videos, it helps us from the last-minute brief.

  • Pawan - Graphic Designer Inspired Reach

    Inspired Reach is an advertising agency providing full scale advertising and marketing services. With Businessads Video Platform the editing options are a bit limited, but we are very happy that with the HD quality videos that we could download offline. We could add more effects and more customizations to the Businessads HD videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is unique from other video creation platforms?

    + is the world's first video creation platform that helps business owners & digital marketers to create quality Indian video content that resonates with 1.39 Billion Indians.

    With the growing demand of home grown products, it is highly critical to promote them with relevant & contextual video content that has power to penetrate to the grassroot level of the market

  • What do you mean by Hyper Local Video Content?


    Quality Video Content that your customers can easily correlate & connect. You have Professional Fit Indian Models (Male & Female) that capture audience attention, Indian animated characters that match the style of a specific region & Indian festivals/celebrations that bring out nostalgic memories.

    You can also place the text in any regional language in our video editors and communicate your message that your customer’s can easily understand.

  • Can we use these videos commercially for our customers?


    Yes, using our advanced editor you can quickly design the videos that match with your customer brand colors.

    You can also deliver multiple video options for each festival and let your customers choose the best.

  • How frequently will the new video templates be updated?


    There will be a minimum of 50 new video templates that we add every week. There is an army of animators, cinematographers & graphic designers working relentlessly for your social media video content.

  • Do we need video editing or designing skills to use this platform?


    With absolutely ZERO design/editing skills, you can create stunning video content that will impress your clients.

    Our graphic designers design the video templates with proper logo placeholders & pleasing font styles.

    You need to just replace your logo, text & download a masterpiece.

  • What is the duration of each video that we create?


    These are looped videos that can go in a loop when posted on Digital Platforms. Each video is from 10 to 15 Seconds that are completely lightweight.

  • Can we resize the video to multiple resolutions?


    Yes, You can resize the video in highly popular resolutions i.e Landscape , Square & Vertical.

    All the 17 digital platforms that your customers are active support the above three video resolutions.

  • Is it free to get started?


    Absolutely yes! You can customise and download any video to get the complete experience. You will just have a basic watermark within the video. You can remove it by upgrading to any of our paid plans.

Create quality Indian video content that resonates with 1.39 Billion Indians.

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